At AFM Marine we specialise in the development, manufacture and sourcing of quality products for marine aquaria.


Founded by Neil D Johnstone BSc (Hons) who graduated from Glasgow University in Applied Plant & Animal Sciences in 1997 and then went on to further his research and studies while working on ecological projects in West Africa.


Neil’s interest in fish keeping started at the age of twelve with a tropical fish aquarium which soon grew to a total of fourteen aquaria and success breeding Apistogrammacacatuoides, Apistogramma agassizi and Koi Angelfish. A couple of years later the first marine aquaria followed, with reverse flow under gravel filtration and an air-driven counter current internal protein skimmer, and from that point he was hooked.


Fast forward 24-years and AFM Marine was born out of the desire to develop products with unsurpassed build quality and performance for like-minded hobbyists.


Neil D Johnstone 
Product Director